2014 - 2016

‘Lucid Eyes / আধঘুম’ hovers between corporeal and meta-physical. Protick’s use of light as protagonist, combined with deliberate monochromatic arrangements, create a truth that is not factual, but intuitive. It is document only to a suspended reality, where we are in a concurrent state of wake and sleep. In this reality, time is perpetually slowed; We are not looking, but seeing.

Chobi Mela IX, 2017

In the exhibition, the viewer moves through a room lit only by small light boxes. We are participant and observer. The abstraction present in the first atmosphere has come lightly into focus. The eye of a horse, rivers from above, trails in the sky: while we recognize the subjects, the glow combined with a de-saturated palette echoes the surreal. The key aspect of these images is their stillness. We are suddenly interior, standing before a series of windows into an alternate reality.

Serendipity Arts Festival 2016. 
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