[IN PROGRESS. 2020 - 2021]

From ‘Murder’

Mother, Hair fall.

A Study in Vastness

With the restrictions on movement, I found myself confined within walls. Travelling was a major part of the work that I do; the great outdoors was my in studio practice. However, the lockdown came with a sharp transition: a transition into a rather monotonous, socially isolated space with no certainty or promise of change.

From the balcony of my apartment in Dhaka, I started observing the crow and raven colonies outside my home. I would watch these creatures - calm, majestic, resting. Sometimes they’d sit in a brief pause between flights; and sometimes they’d take long breaks, soaking in the monsoon rain. They reminded me of Masahisa Fukase.

Seasons change, summer long gone, autumn awaits. I lose track of time. What day is today? What is the date? Little by little, I discovered the transitions away from the monotony in other elements: the cycles of the moon, the shifting forms of the clouds, the geometries of the room, the shades in the horizon, and the fragile twirls of my mother’s fallen hair. The act of making photographs becomes an act of looking - in deep time. The space unfolds and the home becomes an observatory...a circadian rhythm. These are ‘Selected works from 2020 - 2021’.