STITCHED [2023 - X]

“The sky fills me up with light and I will fill the sky my song” (Rabindranath Tagore)

Light and sound travel through ether. ‘Stitched’ builds its way from Dhaka city to the artist’s neighbourhood since childhood. The installation weaves its way through multiple series of images from Protick’s ongoing work to connect with a film whose sound becomes the narrative for the space. The interspecies bonds that develop with time are observed through the story of a retired woman, a single widowed mother, the artist’s mother. A lifelong passion and relationship, the musical instrument she played on since her childhood was the harmonium. Life in the city leads to this chapter of retirement and longing that turns back outside to the relationships that shift from humans to crows, to animals and plants that take over abandoned spaces, to the streets and into ether, into flight ...