Astres Noirs
28 June 2016

“Astres Noirs” is the debut book for both Katrin Koenning and Sarker Protick, artists who live thousands of miles apart whose peculiar photographic wanderings create a hauntingly beautiful dialogue. This book presents photographs taken on mobile phone cameras, devices used to capture their everyday in an impulsive and almost obsessional way, documenting life from their doorsteps to far afield.

Their photographs capture the commonplace such as water stains on asphalt, dust clouds and rays of light, and transform these into mesmerising frames – elusive fragments that evoke an imaginary creature, a milky way, a phosphorescent silhouette…

Presented together, their combined voices lead us on a journey into unexplored territory, somewhere between the everyday and paranormal, between night and day. Amongst enveloping darkness, lightness is revealed, dazzling and miraculously caught by discerning eyes.


First edition
Katrin Koenning, Sarker Protick
Graphic design: Atelier Pentagon
168 pages
79 duotone plates
16 cm x 22 cm
Bilingual: English, French
1500 copies
Publication date: 31 May 2016
ISBN: 978-2-9548777-2-3