25 September 2016


Today I found a stone in my suitcase. While I was packing for tomorrow, it appeared.

As I hold it in my hand I realized, it has been collected somewhere from my travels. At a point when I felt I should have it like a souvenir, to keep memory of that place or a specific event.  But I don’t remember anymore, where is it from or why it was important. Still there it is, solid and grey. From now on I have to acknowledge it as something special, without ever knowing its significance.

4 September, 2016.

Rua Dona Filipa de Vilhena.

24 September 2016

One of many sad fate of Chi Yin


Summer 2016, Barcelona

20 September 2016


Celebrating with the papa Bear.

Very precious photograph for me. Shamsul just got in to Joop Swart Masterclass and we were very happy. My dear friend Rebecca took this photograph.

Amsterdam. April, 2015


Mother. Coxs Bazar, Late Autumn 2016.




Me, Abhijeet & Emily, after a week of Photo Kathmandu 2016 at Patan.

19 September 2016


It was nine minutes past mid night. We were walking back to our places. The red traffic light falls on us and we stopped. For a minute there we stopped. Here is Munem suspended as the light glows on half of his face.


26 September, 2016

6 September 2016
Johnny Greenwood.  Photograph © Sarker Protick

Johnny Greenwood. Photograph © Sarker Protick

1 September 2016

On our way to Innani Beach. This is one of those moments when we lived to the fullest, all together. Later that night we would celebrate Salmis birthday.

Coxs Bazar 2014.

25 August 2016


A Journey by boat with Haru on a harsh afternoon by the Padma River. We were crossing to the other side.

23 July, Ishwardi 2015