In 1970 Satyajit Ray released Aranyer Din Ratri (Days and Nights in the Forest) in Kolkata. In the film, we follow four friends as they escape the daily grind of the city and travel to a forest. Over time, we discover their divergent perspectives and opinions of this shared journey, and see how the meanings of the same road shift and change between individuals.

Pothe Pothe is a different take on the road in South Asia. It is about shifting places, travelogues, long marches and protests, and sometimes just about getting to your destination.

From the hippies of Nepal to Gandhi's march to Noakhali or Arfun Ahmed's travel across the borders, Pothe Pothe explores various stories and fragments of life on the road. Its transcends borders, creates new horizons and connects individual and collective experiences across the region.

Curated by Sarker Protick & Munem Wasif