The image is a central part of memory, learning, experience and looking. This exhibition explores the image as an arrival and departure point with sound as the crux of the formation of reading/ deciphering images. The image that is mostly associated with photography also takes on a prominent place in other mediums such as sculpture, technology, space and storytelling. When we arrive at a work or text that does not have a direct correlation with an identifiable image, the mind begins to construct one. Often, this construction is navigated by other elements, and in the case of this exhibition, it is sound.

These images and sounds turn into individual memories of experience that become unique ways of remembering. In the mind’s eye, these are images that transcend boundaries, time, and all limitations of a physical space. Expanding the inverse in this exhibition, the artists harvest imagined forms to create an output that explores the possibilities of the expansion of images within landscapes of sound. The viewer is presented with works that immerse residues into layered attention spans. With added dimensions of other senses, particularly sound and touch to then ‘see’, the multiple aspects with which each artwork in this exhibition is experienced and remembered will create individual memories producing unique patterns for each viewer separately but together.

Curated by Veerangana Solanki

Date: 15 - 23 December
Time: 11 AM - 8 PM
Venue: First Floor, Old GMC Building