Episōdo 10 Interstitium / অন্তঃশিরা

-The Penultimate Episōdo with video presentations by artists

We started our journey with the Yokohama Triennale 2020 with an almost untranslatable Bengali word — antashira, suggestive of a flow of energy within and between lives. A flow that shapes life in all its extensibility. We had conjectured that the world needs to draw sustenance, inspiration, and strength from within varied antashira, our intrinsic-pervasive forces, that flow between all of us as we re-fashion relationships between the microcosm of singular lives, the connected life of the planet, and the macrocosm of that-which-is-beyond-our-planet.
Today, the word ‘bubble’ is a name given to passages connecting routes and landing points; it is no longer a marker only of an exclusionary zone. Words and world alter, in new relationships with each other. A mere three years ago, researchers had found a new organ, a layer of dense, fluid-filled compartments they termed the ‘interstitium’, and which they said was ‘hiding in plain sight’. We are slowly drifting into a recognition of being within fluid and spectral continuums.

In this penultimate Episōdo of the Triennale, we ease into a gap, inaccessible in many ways, between art and its artists. What is that energy that flows between a discrete moment of a work and the sentient presence of an artist? What is that ‘zone’ of continuum, that interstitium, that brings a work amidst us? We chase 13 artists to sense this.

And along with that, we will be in another chase: the chase of a scent with the Discursive Justice ensemble, who over the last year and a half have gathered a stream of protagonists to explode those perpetual spells of rain and drought called discourse and justice.
Furthermore: we know that many have wanted to see the time-based works being shown in the exhibition, so we will begin this Episōdo with screenings of artists’ films.

- Raqs Media Collective

Anton VIDOKLE, Renu SAVANT, Marianne FAHMY, Russ LIGTAS, Max DE ESTEBAN, Make or Break, Rosa BARBA, SARKER Protick, Oscar SANTILLAN, Nilbar GÜREŞ, KAWAKUBO Yoi, Ivana FRANKE, Ali VAN