Salvatore Vitale & Sarker Protick - The Narrative Impulse

“Word, image, and sound all must have primacy in the development of the narrative.” – Fred Ritchin

The workshop is open to photographers and artists interested in exploring the varied possibilities of storytelling and the use of photography combined with other media. In the era of so-called democratization of the media and the overabundance of visual content, it’s important to reflect on the necessity and strategy of telling a certain story. Each story presents different possibilities of language and narrative suggested both by its context and the author’s influences.The participants will be invited to explore, research, produce and present a narrative using the environment and resources available at the campus or surrounding territories. Drawing inspiration from the different backgrounds and approaches of the workshop tutors, the participants will be encouraged to start from their intuition and arrive at a structure through research and the production process. Together, we will discuss the choice of best possible methodologies, strategies and tools to define the chosen subject and articulate a coherent narrative. The possibilities are many and include working with sound, text, archive, etc.The works produced during the workshop will be presented as part of the final exhibition. Along with the photographic material, the form of installation will be treated as a key part of the process.