Design Fabric's new print magazine ushers in a new era of art and design from India and South Asia. For the past year and a half, we have been documenting and archiving the changing landscape of our creative culture. Our goal? To create a curated space where you can read about the most compelling projects in visual art and understand individual processes through immersive interviews, meaningful collaborations, editorials and showcases.

The second issue of the Design Fabric Magazine features exclusive stories from across South Asia. We take a peek into Pakistani painter Salman Toor's inspirations; capture the dying rivers of Bangladesh with documentary photographer Sarker Protick; jump into Prince V. Thomas' unique photo-installations that talk of loss and death; and deconstruct the creative process of Brighton-based illustrator Nishant Choksi. Issue #2 brings together a curated selection of stories we've produced in 2018 that touch upon themes like Gender, Environment, Memory and Music. It also contains original collaborations across various mediums to celebrate Inclusivity, Conservation, Love and Creative Expression.