Raśmi (v.2), will be on show from this week, part of the exhibition — ‘DANCING WITH THE DEAD’ at The Lock Up Gallery, curated by Antidote Projects. @weareantidote .
Khadim Ali,
Soojin Chang
Dr. Fiona Foley
Dr Mojgan Habibi
Pieter Hugo
Lindy Lee
Pierre Mukeba
Sarker Protick
Stanislava Pinchuk
Jemima Wyman
Named after the infamous Madagascan dancing with the dead ritual of Famadihana, DANCING WITH THE DEAD is a group exhibition that aims to illuminate the convergence of memory and corporeality within a larger context of 'deaths' and the multiplicity of experiences that fall within it;; whether that be physical death, spiritual death or cultural death. Much like the traditional Madagascan process (which sees families and loved ones exhuming bodies
from tombs, carefully re-ˇwrapping, then lovingly dancing with their corpses), this exhibition aims to explore the concept of death as permeable and to present questions like: What is ourrelationship to the nature of death and darkness? What can our experience of loss look and feel like when re-ˇinterpreted, re-ˇperformed and re-ˇpresented in a gallery setting? Through adopting the imagery of dancing with and subsequently embracing ‘darkness’ -ˇ in the forms of universal experiences such as loss, religiosity and ritual;; DANCING WITH THE DEAD hopes that all who attend and interact with the works will be able to share in a communal and cathartic activity that shines light on the paradoxically unique and universal experiences of death and endings.