What Remains will be exhibited in DAEGU PHOTO BIENNALE 2016 in the main curated show “We are from somewhere, but where are we going?” in Daegu, Korea.

“We are from somewhere, but where are we going?”

The ‘2016 Daegu Photo Biennale’, celebrating its upcoming 10th year of exhibition, will be based on the theme, “We are from somewhere, but where are we going?”. The exhibition is inspired by creativity, experimental spirit, time (history), space and the environment of Asia, which will be epitomized in the Main Exhibition and Special Exhibition 1 and 2.

As we have entered the present 21st century, people transcending national boundaries and the massive flow of information is drastically accelerating, and based on the energy that is leading these trends, Asian countries have been experiencing cultural closeness and complex historical interaction. The prevalence in the tremendous flow of energy is changing the overall situation in Asia, has put humans into a state of anxiety and is constantly motivating us to overcome ourselves. That is the reason for entitling the Main Exhibition, “Asian Express”, which embodies “drastic flow” and “individual expression”. From the Main Exhibition, we will be able to newly acknowledge our own existence as well as have a look into how each artist have understood this energy.

More info: http://daeguphoto.com/en/